Friday, April 27, 2012

Westhampton Middle School

The only time I've been to the Hamptons prior to being Miss New York was to pick up used cups during a party for $30 per hour (we actors are creative with our income sources.) The Hamptons are beautiful, and today I thank Westhampton Middle School for a two great assemblies on bullying! 

The students were antsy.  With summer around the corner, it's time for students to be thinking of how to spend their free-time. I always used summers to do theater camp.  No place that felt more natural than in a room of 80 hyper kids like myself.  That is where I learned to express, to accept others, to work in teams...summer is a time to grow your personal skills.  Oh, and to get outside. We NY'ers have plenty of time during the year to sit on our butts in front of a computer. Take advantage of our few good weeks of sunshine and go outdoors. Try taking a walk without your cell phone.  Bet you can't do it!  "Challenge accepted," did you say?

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