Sunday, April 29, 2012

'Bowling Against Bullying' with Anthony Gargiula

Today I joined rising pop artist Antony Gargiula for the second annual 'Bowling Against Bullying' fundraiser, held at Spare Time Lanes in Latham, NY.  Families from the Albany area joined for a full day of music, games and surprises (most notably, me learning to bowl.)

This event originated when Anthony was assigned a school project about impacting the world around him.  Anthony is 12 years old and has been seen on the Today Show, Ellen, CBS Early Show, and is a regular national anthem singer at Madison Square Garden.  Of course, the aroma of his success lured envy and soon he was facing all sorts of bullying from peers. But this little man was not going to take it laying down, so he stood up and used his new found fame for good. My little hero.
Yes, Anthony had backup dancers.  They provided incredible entertainment throughout the day.  Best part about Anthony was, amid all the celebrity-status fuss going on, he stayed cool as a cucumber and incredibly humble. Yes ladies, he is single.

However, this guy? Not single. We sort of have a "thing" going now...

Lately I've had great luck with rendezvous.  I found our friend Miss Empire Rose 2012, Katelynn Smith!!  Also joining was Empire Star's Outstanding Teen 2012 and Albany's Outstanding Teen 2012, Madison Manuel and Brittany Rose Egnot.  We had a beauty queen bowling match. The only thing more embarrassing for a girl than not being able to bowl well is doing so in a crown, but when in Rome...

I'm so proud of Anthony.  It is never too early to begin influencing the world around you. Your impact can begin small, but will grow - just like Anthony's event - once others see the good behind your work. They will want to get involved. We can all come together and combine our impact when someone facilitates the conversation. Way to facilitate, Anthony.

Thank you to Anthony and his family for allowing me the chance to participate, and to the entire Albany community for participating. My brachydactylated thumb would like to thank the event security guard who taught me to  throw a bowling ball.

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