Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sherman Elementary School

Thank you to Sherman Elementary School K-5 graders for such great chats about the true meaning of friendship!!

I joined several hundred students in a conversation about what it means to be a friend. We focused quite a bit on the value of differences.  Here's the story I shared:  A friend of mine used to come to school with the weirdest thing in her lunch box.  It was a green fruit with slices shaped like stars.  Everyone teased her for not having the typical Doritos or Dunkaroos (am I dating myself with that one?)  One day, I asked her about the fruit.  She gave me a try.  This delish green star, appropriately called Star Fruit, has forever since been my favorite fruit of all time!  Now, look what I would have missed!  When we bully someone for their differences we are often trying to establish dominance and control over something we don't understand.  Instead, educate yourself.  You might find your very own Star Fruit in the world.

Huge thank-you to the students and the staff for welcoming me in for a great day!!!

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