Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sackets Harbor Parent Anti-Bullying Forum

The students rocked this afternoon.  Tonight, I'm talking with the parents. 
I hosted a Sacket's Harbor community anti-bullying forum for adults to talk about the role adults and educators play in the war on bullying.  Parents filled the gym to find out how they can help ease the pains their students' face from peer torment, as well as to better understand the state of cyber bullying. (Check out the article in the Watertown Daily Times for some highlights.)

The event opened with a performance by the Sackets Harbor Glee Club.  They were the stars tonight.  The musical group serves as a social outlet for students looking for support and acceptance.  The program is quickly becoming a noted anti-bullying initiative across Northern New York.

 Best part of the night?  When the Glee students, one by one, shared their stories.  One young lady brought the house to tears when she told of being teased for crying over a family tragedy.  I know!  Broke my heart, too!  She walked with her chin held high, declaring that she won't let anyone hurt her or her friends anymore. Someone hand her a crown. They had a captive audience of the very people by whom they wished to be heard. We fail to give young people are undivided and captive attention often enough. Leadership is a muscle that must be flexed and therefore such opportunities must be facilitated if we wish to ensure powerful leaders for the next generation.
Thank you to the parents and community members, the Glee Club, and a special thanks to Sackets Harbor for welcoming me into your school and being so engaged in the conversation!!

And look!!!!  I'm an official member!!! Best award of my year!!

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